Friday, 17 October 2008

the last 2 yo!

october 16

radiothon special! it's not too late to subscribe: there will be another Radiothon special next week!

the diamond sea
- slow signal (slow signal)

nunchukka superfly - choke (if ya not careful with electricity it will kill ya)

talons - sunrise sunset (ducats)

alps of nsw
- goosebeak whale (alps of the world)

fabulous diamonds - track 6/3: (7 songs)

sydney city council - i like everything on tv (sydney city council cdr)

toxic lipstick - ruff bass (poopin')

popolice - be like me (melbourne water 2)

- of degrees (crux/pathora split)

good god - village (unreleased?)

sven simulacrum - invasion day riddim

the warm feelings - the subtelty in things (unreleased)

captains - something yu should know (keep yourself occupied)

anna chase
- control

pure evil trio - i am a robot (the evolution of everyday strife)

ohana - bad credit good posture (dead beat)

naked on the vague - the horse, he's sick (the blood pressure sessions)

vincent over the sink
- basset hounds (22 coloured bull terriers)

me 262 - gonna die (do the pop)

table and chair - texan sister's revenge (henry's apartment)

october 9 2008

all off the gooey on the inside compilation!!!::::


julia rose


kt spit

satanoise project


b12 shot

una nina malvada

toxic lipstick

fanny fighters

ultra violet mc

pig & machine

nova mc sven simulacrum + kuno kini


more mad shit i played that night:

carnage visors - hopesong

- mush march waltz

afro rampo - i did are (japan - playing atp!)

simo soo - orphans

papa gette and the black hats - no snow in wentworthville

cabaret callado - at least i was sane (mecanismo objeto)

alps - bowhead whale

hi god people - tiger tooth tangles

brigitte handley and the dark shadows - freedom of choice (stand off)

Friday, 26 September 2008

We Come From Garageland September 25 2008

this week featured interview with eliza from sound summit, alex from electrofringe and will from ohana. yowser.

download the whole show here (125MB).

download the ohana interview here (19.1MB).

make sure that you buy the music you cheapskate.

brain resin - #6 (brisbane. maybe out on rad sydney label spin control)
assemblage point - go right down (sydney, off their self titled album out via um records)
table and chair - acid (brisbane. off the self-released ep henry's apartment)
birchville cat motel - stellbionic (new zealand)
oliver mann - sun shines on (sydney. off the possum wakes at night out via preservation/inertia)
ivy st - battle poetry (tasmania. off their ep flicker on)
naked on the vague - empty tongues (sydney. off the poltergeist palm 7")
fabulous diamonds - 4:02 [track 2] (off 7 soungs out via nervous jerk/remote control)
ohana - when things come alive (wollongong. off their new self-released album dead beat)
ohana - fabric indefinite (wollongong. off their new self-released album dead beat)
lakes - pentangled deck (melbourne. off his new lp cloven available via inverted crux)

Friday, 29 August 2008

wcfg august 28

guest programmer: shaun prescott.for a starting point on his writing, head here:

vincent over the sink
- mice in the ocean
vincent over the sink
- threads of beginning
do the robot
- cooper
- night night
zond - monkey
jonathon hochman + matthew p hopkins
- part I - a woven motion squeezed frozen/night tider
hi god people
- sing song rhye clouds
not waving
- #1
cam deas
- untitled 1
- L house

Friday, 8 August 2008

wcfg august 7

the sophisticants - now (melbourne. s/t s/r ep)
tables and chair - samurai (brisbane. off their s/r ep henry's apartment)
armen firman - in the water (melbourne. off soon to be released s/t ep)
toxic lipstick - ruff bass (brisbane. poopin' out now via dual plover)
cabaret collado - correcto (sydney/brazil. off his s/r ep fragments from a software driven mechanism)
dariusz roberte - dark ascension (a remix of jodi rose's singing bridges - all samples original bridge recordings)
shiver like timber - wander/tumble (brisbane. off her s/t ep through handclappin' records)
lamplight - amour (melbourne. s/t s/r album)
alps – of ireland (newcastle. taken off his album alps of the world)
circle pit – total waste (sydney. unreleased)
hotel wrecking city traders – rolling implements (melbourne. taken off their album black yolk via bro fidelity)
bong village – avxxxxxxxxxx (brisbane. via trapdoor tapes)
melodie nelson – mediations on the sun (sydney. unreleased)
tired hands - ?????? (sydney. ?)
twin crystals – 4 years (vancouver. off their seperate birth ep out in oz via exo records)
the wreckery- passion fall down (Melbourne. taken off past imperfect)
lakes – huts (melbourne. taken off cloven, though inverted crux)
jodi rose – golden gate bridge san fransisco 18/10/02 (taken off singing bridges)

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

wcfg july 31, 2008

july 31, 08

a special on the horned grow hullos - sydney, unreleased.

the horned grow hullos
- tree
- of degrees (sydney. off the crux/pathora split cd out through tenzenmen)
mr sterile assembly
- static (wellington, nz. off 15 minute crib [malaysia, java, singapore tour edition], available for free download from:
- the moon rattled inside her (newcastle. off their 3" cdr impossible monsters)
the night of love
- a case for same gender divorce (newcastle. off the burn kids cdr, available from the band)
the horned grow hullos
- nuns
the horned grow hullos
- easy to then
- deadshits (brisbane. self released s/t cdr)
jonathon hochman (pagan dawn) and matthew p hopkins (lamp puffer)
- part 1: a woven motion squeezed frozen/night tider (sydney. off it's the submarine, through cloth ear)
assemblage point
- lightning and thunder (sydney. off their s/t album, available through
- career path (newcastle. off skullduggery, available from monstera deliciosa -
pure evil trio
- s.i. blues (sydney. off the evolution of everyday strife, available through tenzenmen)
when chimps attack - michigan j frog (sydney. unreleased?)
the horned grow hullos
- bloody fingers
the horned grow hullos
- sewerage man (melbourne. off her self titled album)
toxic lipstick
- itchy balls (brisbane. off their new album poopin' , available through dual plover)
oliver hextall
- jaxon mortal (melbourne. off the 3 way split cdr all over jewel city with julie berleigh and felicity mangan)

wcfg july 24

july 24, 08

no anchor (brisbane) special - their debut album fire flood and acid mud is available from

the crustaceans -
grimm fandango (sydney. lead track of soon to be released album?)
jon kenner
- ye of little faith (sydney. taken off his new + debut solo ep los guapos)
dead china doll
- face fuckers unite for aids (sydney. taken off their self-titled ep out through soviet records)
no anchor - watery graves
no anchor - yr all gonna pay for that music that you've made
- rust (brisbane. off 3" cdr. get it from the artist:
toxic lipstick
- flesh sword (brisbane. off their soon to be released 3rd album, poopin - out on dual plover)
no anchor
- a complicated web of what-the-fuck-ever
no anchor
- dead amps
naked on the vague
- poltergeist palm (sydney. off their poltergeist palm 7" released in usa by skulltones - ask the band or import if there are any left)
knitted abyss
- nice oblivion (sydney. off their self-titled ep, available from intense nest -
say cheese and die
- anarchy a (sydney. off their 10" repetition repetition)
no anchor
- the night of my second car crash
- capsize (melbourne. taken off their self-titled, self-released album)
- something you should know (sydney. off their brand new ep keep yourself occupied, via red recordings)
cam butler
- i surrender (melbourne. off his new album dark times - symphony no. 2)
hit the jackpot
- jig (adelaide. off soul money gang vibe, via chapter music)
no anchor
- drone me out

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

July 2, 2008

july 2, 2008

Lakes special – his new record cloven is out now on inverted crux

– diagonal rain
wolf + cub
- master
cut off your hands
- expectations
- silver perch
carnage visors
- hopesong
- unhinged systems
- live at 2ser
hee haw
- live at 2ser
kiosk - live at 2ser
straight arrows - live at 2ser

Thursday, 12 June 2008

wcfg trax for next (?) week

so this show was prerecorded, and the file corrupted, so it didn't air. again. this is what you would've heard, and what you'll hear next week. it's a special on the fancy dress sleazy ep cassette. i don't know any of the tracknames, so i just played the first 4. it's all reeeaaallllll good.

fancy dress -1 (parramatta. off their cassette ep sleazy)
howlin' mary - prison gate blues (sydney. unreleased)
wolf & cub - one to the other (adelaide. off a new ep or sumfin'?)
fancy dress - 2 (parramatta. off their cassette ep sleazy)
hotel wrecking city traders - rolling implements (melbourne. taken off their album black yolk via bro fidelity)
guns are for kids - oh, tropical worthless (sydney. off their ep it takes a nation of morons)
table and chair - texan sister's revenge (brisbane. taken off their cdr henry's apartment available from the band)
fancy dress - 3 (parramatta. off their cassette ep sleazy)
hit the jackpot - thursday (adelaide. off their new album soul money gang vibe)
when chimps attack - the man in the black (sydney. unreleased)
...and then to bed - harriet houdini (sydney. unreleased)
fancy dress - 4 (parramatta. off their cassette ep sleazy)
lamplight - ship in a bottle (melbourne. off their new album lamplight)
hee haw - recorded live to air at 2ser september 7 2007

here's a good gig to go to this sunday june 15:

hee haw, do not rescusitate, melaluca memorial, squidd and voting with bricks
jura books/black rose fundraiser at jura books on parramatta road

and next saturday june 21:

night terrors, prowler, (rev kriss hades julie kim hellen rose ) + bain wolfkind (ben cahill)
at the house of heaven and hell in the hellen rose shausberger laboratorium $13 byo (cnr waterloo and kippax surry hills) 8.30pm

all next week go to this, too, especially the live zine on tuesday, semaphore on friday, and the chooch-a-bahn on saturday:

Friday, 6 June 2008

wcfg june 3, 2008

a special on the super 8 diaries, which has its sydney launch sunday june 8 at dirty shirlows in marrickville.

played all the bands that are on the dvd, as well as all the bands that are playing at the launch. sick!

love of diagrams - tiger pancakes (melbourne. taken off their album the target is you)
mukaizake - come join the milky squadron (perth. taken off their album mapping the static)
colditz glider - properties of light (melbourne. taken off their album properties of light)
aleks and the ramps - ex riot cop (melbourne. taken off their album pisces vs aquarius)
my disco - a christ pendent comfort her neck (melbourne. taken off their 2nd and latest album paradise)
die! die! die! - untitled (new zealand. taken off their locust weeks ep)
eddy current suppression ring - colour television (melbourne. taken off their 2nd and latest album primary colours)
tucker b's - forget all these fuckss (sydney. taken off their album chubby)
the tigers - marry him off (perth. taken off their album beautiful forest)
baseball - (melbourne. taken off their album animal kingdom)
bang! bang! aids! - the ball landed near your rabbit's graves (melbourne. taken off their album tales, available from the artist)
alps of nsw - of new zealand (newcastle. taken off his soon to be released album alps of the world) - LAUNCHING JUNE 18 AT LA CAMPANA
castings - i'm in my war face (sydney/newcastle. taken off their 2007 album punk rock is bunk squacwk)
do not resuscitate - sample (sydney. unreleased)
charge group - vice'd (sydney. on escaping mankind)
lola flash - emptied space (wollongong. unreleased)
ohana - bleed ideals (wollongong - off their split with to the north on hey presto)
qua - lapsang souchong (melbourne. unreleased 2008)
when chimps attack - whippet smugglers (sydney. unreleased)

whoot! here's the info on the show from the horses mouth:

"things will kick off at 2pm. there will be a cheap bbq running for most of the day. this all takes place in a new diy warehouse/arts space called dirty shirlows. 32 shirlow street, marrickville. it's two streets from sydenham train station.

this show is all ages. if you wish to drink you will need id. we are bringing in a full pa and will be recording and shooting many of the bands playing. there will also be a photography exhibition and a raffle.

we are putting all we have into this show to try and share with you what we love about independent music, creativity and a sense of community across all ages. we'll be coming up in a 12 seater bus with our best misfits.

we look forward to meeting you all and presenting our film."


it's last to first:

11.20 - 12.00 ohana (40)
10.05 - 10.55 Tucker B's (50)
8.55 - 9.40 QUA (45)
7.50 - 8.35 castings (45)
7.00 - 7.30 film screening (30)
6.00 - 6.45 Charge Group (45)
4.50 - 5.35 When Chimps attack (45)
3.50 - 4.30 ALPS OF NSW (40)
2.55 - 3.30 lola flash (35)
2.00 - 2.35 Do Not Rescusitate (35)


Tuesday, 3 June 2008

wcfg trax may 27, 2008

fulton girls club - ambulance man (melbourne. taken off the self released teeth and air, which available directly from grant via mail order)
naked on the vague - white blanket (sydney. taken off their 2007 ep sad sun)
simo soo - maps (sydney. off the yet-to-be-released 'wings maps + orphans, from the artist)
fulton girls club - sleep no. 8 (melbourne. taken off the self released teeth and air, which available directly from grant via mail order)
fulton girls club - cody + jessie (melbourne. taken off the self released teeth and air, which available directly from grant via mail order)
gail priest - estranged angels (sydney. taken off imaginary conversations in reverberant rooms)
pure evil trio - approaching oblivion (sydney. taken off the evolution of everyday strife)
catcall - chicky babe (sydney. taken off her ep anniversary)
no age - teen creeps (la, usa. taken off nouns through sub pop)
fulton girls club - a world full of bad nights (melbourne. taken off the self released teeth and air, which available directly from grant via mail order)
between the devil and the deep - rescuing the missionaries (split ep with chainsaw girls)
fulton girls club - some bread (melbourne. taken off the self released teeth and air, which available directly from grant via mail order)
dead farmers - live at the annandale (sydney)